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Screen Replacement
Mainboard Removal
Skip Intro 0:30
Bottom Off 2:35
Keypad Off 5:08
Battery Out 5:56
Keypad On 7:07
Hinge Pin 9:20
Top Cover 10:18
To replace the battery (BL-4D) you’ll need:
A good quality Philips size 00 screwdriver. (very tight screws so a very good fit is needed)
T4 or T5 (both used in production) Torx (star) type screwdriver.
Wooden/plastic Tooth pick or cocktail stick and a pair of tweezers to grab the screws.

DIY repairs will void any warranty.

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Hi Res Photo’s
Mainboard front
Mainboard back

Filmed in one continuous shot (no edits) with a Panasonic HDC-SD700

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