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Unboxing a Nokia N-GAGE gaming phone in 2020. I got this Ngage off Mercari for a decent price with most of its original box contents. The Nokia N-GAGE is a highly sought after rare collectors item and is better known as the Taco Phone by many, since its weird shape resembles a Taco. It was launched as a gaming phone and is widely considered to be the worlds first true gaming phone. The Nokia N-GAGE games selection is not too vast as it was not too successful in the market and was only reworked once with the N-GAGE QD. The Ngage is also a vintage Nokia and a part of the line up of weird Nokia phones such as the 3300, 3300b, 5510, 3650..etc So! In the age of the iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 20, One Plus Nord and Google Pixel 4a..designs like these have been almost forgotten…so here in 2020, lets take a closer look at this rare and weird Nokia phone from 2003!
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